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The Principles of Naturopathy
provide the foundation for Lisa Samet’s practice.

The goal of the naturopath is to understand the patient and all the factors which impact on his or her health. Lisa will take an in-depth patient history. A personal health plan will then be proposed to help facilitate the healing process. We focus on the person, not the disease. 

Lisa Samet on The Dr. Oz Show

Homeopathy Starter Kit

Lisa Samet was interviewed by Dr. Oz about homeopathy in January, 2013. With her help, Dr. Oz reveals how you can replace your over-the-counter medications with homeopathic solutions. Find out more with theses excerpts and Homeopathic Tips from Lisa Samet.

Homeopathic Starter Kit 1

Homeopathic Starter Kit 2

Looking for an all-natural solution for your problems? Homeopathy might be right for you!

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Lisa Samet uses a variety of holistic approaches to help patients achieve and sustain optimal health

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In-person or long distance consultations by phone or Skype are available.

When making an appointment with our receptionist, you will decide whether you would prefer the interview be in person, by phone or by Skype. You will be sent an in-take form to fill out and we will request any tests results, including blood work.

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