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Here are some words from Lisa Samet's satisfied patients.

"When our baby was born, my husband, our baby and I entered into a dizzying world of traditional medicine because of our daughter’s medical condition. 20 months later, after going through traditional medicine specialists and other alternative medicine specialists, Lisa Samet, N.D. has become the answer to our prayers. She patiently accompanied us with homeopathy that started our new worry-less life. With her naturopathic expertise, she also guided us towards the right food sensitivity tests for our little girl and my husband who also had health issues. Throughout that quest, she helped me with my energy and mood challenges and she even helped me experience a real closure of that tough period of my life with the emotional re-programming work that she does.

Lisa Samet is what I call a genuine healer: a person who really listens, with a heart, a brain and a soul that really entered in our world until we were completely healed. Her patience, her empathy and her wisdom are a blessing to our family!"
– Mom of S.T. age 48, Brossard, Qc

"I first saw Lisa for digestive issues that caused me incredible discomfort. Although I was unsure of homeopathy from a scientific perspective, I was willing to try something other than the limited options I currently had. In spite of my uncertainty, Lisa hit the nail on the head and over the next weeks and months I began feeling much better. I credit my ability to function with a healthy digestive tract to her. Because of her homeopathic and naturopathic training, her strong interpersonal connection and her logical advice, I know I am in good hands with Dr. Samet."
– M.C., 31 y.o., Nevada

"Our son has been under Dr. Samet's care for the last two years. We met her when my then two year old was suffering from recurrent ear infections and delay in speech development. From the very beginning we were very reassured by her calmness, her ability to listen and her insightful questions about our child's development and behavior. Along with the remedies, she provided very clear guidelines of what to watch for and how to expect progress to happen. Our son has been thriving under her care. He is now a gregarious four year old who is never lost for words! One of the most impressive aspects of interacting with Dr. Samet, has been her openness and willingness to demystify the process of homeopathy. Her workshops are very helpful in enabling a better understanding of remedies and the field in general - for us, she stands way out from the rest of the crowd!"
– Mother of R.R., 5 y.o. Montreal

"I have been working with Lisa as my go to medical advisor for almost two years now. She helps my whole family get throught allergies, infections, injuries, and even mood imbalances. This is a service I value and believe in. Making the decision for my family to follow homeopathic medicine with Lisa has been one of the most rewarding decisions in my life. This creates a lifestyle for us that allows us to reach our physical, mental and emotional potential. We do not get sick when others catch the seasonal bugs so we are able to spend our time healthier and happier. I enjoy seeing the wonders of this form of medicine with every passing ailment. I am learning more and more how to use it on my own, which brings me a proud sense of empowerment. I would, and often do, recommend Lisa'a services to everyone seeking better health."
– K.M., 32 y.o., Montreal

"Each member of my family – parents, wife, three children and I have all worked with Lisa Samet remotely (phone or Skype) for the past twelve years. During that time she has very effectively used homeopathy to cure a wide range of ills – from the flu to bronchitis, pneumonia, exceptionally painful kidney stones, and so much more. She is an extraordinary homeopath. Lisa Samet has also treated several of us using another tool called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – wonderful for treating emotional issues. Don't know where we would all be without Dr. Samet. We love her!"
– Peter G., 42 y.o., Connecticut

"Dr. Samet has been our family doctor for at least 10 years... We are so grateful, her expertise, caring and homeopathic prescriptions have genuinely helped myself, my husband and our children in countless crises - big and small!"
– G.G., 40 y.o., Montreal

"Over 10 years ago, I went from medical doctor to medical doctor complaining of several ailments-migraine headaches, horrible menstrual cramps, extreme fatigue, dry skin, just to name a few. I was on the highest level of pain killers for the cramps and headaches (which were not having any effect) and there was nothing to be done for the extreme fatigue. It was supposedly normal because I was a mom and had a full-time job.

After seeing Lisa Samet, N.D., my life changed forever. She asked me questions that no one ever had before and that were specific to my type of headache, my type of cramps, etc. This led her to choose a remedy that cured most of my ailments. My menstrual cramps and headaches were gone-no more drugs were needed for either of those things. My energy started to pick up and I was a different person altogether.

My entire family has been treated homeopathically ever since and we have not looked back. It's always our first line of defense. With Lisa tending to us we had a fabulous success rate and have been spared from taking anti-biotics and other drugs which have potential side effects. Lisa has an ability to listen to her patients, zero in on the key points and prescribe the right remedy. She follows up and makes herself available to her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good naturopath/homeopath."
– J.M, 47 y.o., Montreal

"When I saw Lisa for the first time mid-July 2011, I was basically at the end of my rope. I had been newly diagnosed with 80+ food allergies and was suffering from headaches/migraines as well as sinus and digestion issues. I had also been on antibiotics for about 2 years for a misdiagnosed infection. Within a couple of months, I no longer suffered from headaches/migraines, I was off all over-the-counter medication as well as the antibiotics, my sinus and digestion issues had settled down, and the eczema I suffer from on my scalp was controlled. My immune system has improved over the past year and I have not had a cold, an infection, or the flu since I saw Lisa. Prior to starting to work with homeopathic remedies, I would catch everything that went around the office. I have only used 1 tylenol in 14 months. Thank you for helping me get my life back!"
– G.R. 48 y.o, Montreal

"Dr. Samet helped me with a difficult issue regarding my daughter. Her behavior was beginning to ruin family events, trips, her social life and her self-esteem. I was worried about her causing irreparable damage to her self-image as well as to her relationships at school. My heart ached when I watched and felt helpless about what to do. You could sense that she was also miserable but did not know what to do about her behavior. I contacted Dr. Samet about homeopathy and based on her thorough case-taking she was able to find her remedy. Shortly after taking this homeopathic remedy the daughter that I always knew was in there was revealed to my husband's and my delight. She is now kind, self assured, enjoying her social life, pleasant to be around and most importantly really thriving in middle school. I have worked with another homeopath that did not have the same credentials and the result was the opposite - no change whatsoever. It is Dr. Samet's training and 14 years of experience that differentiates her from the other lay homeopaths that one could consult, she is thorough and committed to finding the solution. Without Dr. Samet we would be struggling rather than thriving. Thank you so much!"
– M.S., 44 y.o., Colorado

"I went to see Dr. Samet after having spent years seeking help for both insomnia and constipation problems. I tried both conventional and alternative methods to no avail. Not only was Dr. Samet able to solve both these issues, she was also able to correct my mood, energy levels, eczema, ravenous appetite and allergies. All this with one remedy! I'll never forget the experience or the continued care she offers."
– L.K, 54 y.o., Montreal

"I suffered with asthma for over 30 years and was prescribed a multitude of different inhalers from a multitude of different doctors. Dr. Samet was able to solve the problem with one visit to her office. In addition I have been coughing for many years due to lung secretions (seen many specialists to no effect). The remedy and diet changes suggested by Dr. Samet have almost completely cured this long standing problem."
– T.N., 58 y.o., Montreal

"My entire family has worked with Dr. Samet for the past nine years. She has treated each of us chronically as well as acutely with great skill - and with great success. There are many who call themselves homeopaths - there are few as well trained as Dr. Samet."
– P.G., 56 y.o., Connecticut


Dr. Samet’s practice attracts patients who have not been satisfied with their results using the conventional medical system. She considers herself fortunate that she has been trained by some of the best in the field. She has seen terrific results in her practice over a wide variety of health issues.

What is Homeopathy?

At some point in your life, you have probably walked down the aisle of a health food store and seen rows of small, stacked blue bottles with exotic names and the word homeopathy on their labels. Seeing them in a health food store leads some to think homeopathic remedies are just another form of herbal medicine. Actually – they bear no relation to herbal medicine and instead are used in a unique and very popular system of medicine called homeopathy.